Don’t Panic! Do Pic Nic! Travel to Greece and enjoy.


Latest news about travelling  to Greece is an absolute and out of control attempt to panic people and evade them from enjoying the unique sensation of the summer here. It is true that there are problems for the time being with the banking system, but foreign cards holders can withdraw money without a limit from the ATMs. I have heard some complains though(not confirmed) about expensive fees for the service.

What I would like to share with you if you plan to travel to Greece, is not to panic. Greece is a very safe country to be. There are extremely rare the cases of theft and pickpockets. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to watch your belongings, but it is not a constant paranoia as it is in some other touristic countries, where you cannot leave your things out of sight for a second and have a constant feeling that the objects just can fly away… This is NOT the case here.

If someone has already been to Greece would have seen that everybody here leave their cellphones and even wallets on the tables and on the bar; even when they go to the toilet,
without being afraid. So I shall repeat my self: Don’t Panic!!

You can get an amount of cash that would cover  your traveling budget and in the case that you run out, you can always withdraw from an ATM. Just use the ATM option as a backup plan and not as your main source of money and everything will be fine… Not many years ago that was the normal thing to do and now it’s supposed that people don’t do it for security, but this argument here is far overruled.

Summer is sweet and it’s still here, so grab your bag and come to enjoy Greece!

Give it a try and I can assure you that no sea monster will not burst out of nowhere trying to swallow your card!!

Best regards and don’t believe the hype.

Plan a day trip to Myrtos beach!

Myrtos is located 13km west of Ierapetra, in the output of a wide valley filled with greenhouses and citrus groves, crossed by the River Kryos. It is a small seaside village, which has experienced a mild form of development in recent years, which fortunately has not altered its traditional style. The village is built on the exit of the imposing Sarakina Gorge, which is worth visiting.

The nice beaches of Myrtos, with the coarse gray sand that doesn’t stick on the body, have gained fans from all over the world. Myrtos has several small hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, super markets, a gas station, a clinic, etc. There are no banks, but Ierapetra is not far and is accessible by bus.

From Pension Mylos you can easily travel to every part of Lassithi perfecture since it’s the capital and very well communicated by public means of transport. Myrtos is just 50kms away from us so in a day you can easily have a nice relaxing trip…

Thanks to for the text of the beach and the photos.

Pension Mylos. B&B. Travel to Agios Nikolaos – Crete, Greece

travel, greece, b&b, agios nikolaos, Crete, pension Mylos, accomodation Crete, family hotel, waiting for the sunA family run b&b in Agios Nikolaos – Crete, Greece that you will love to visit when you travel

Welcome to Pension Mylos!

Pension Mylos is a small family b&b running since the 80’s, offering world travelers a heaven where they can feel like home.

Our rooms count with balcony with sea view which expands as far as the eye can see, wifi internet, private bathroom, air conditioning, television set, fridge, twin bed, closet, kettle. The area is quite lively and there are many things to do, the rooms are nevertheless quiet and peaceful. We treat hygiene as a personal matter and our customers as cherished visitors from the past.

We are just above the beach. In a radius of approx. 200mts there is a variety of luxurious coffeehouses, traditional and modern restaurants, classic Cretan spirit and coffee shops, bars, super markets, souvenir and sea equipment shops. Half a kilometer away lays the town center and Voulismeni lake. Agios Nikolaos is the perfect place to enjoy good quality vacations and it also provides a strategic spot for one day trips to east and central Crete.

Crete lays on the southest part of Greece/Europe.

Travel towards a unique b&b experience for your holidays.

We are expecting you!